Nicole Michels

Nicole Michels

In 2004 I specialized in the therapy of Bioinformation and Bioenergetic Meditation by Viktor Philippi in my holistic office. These are parts of Theomedicine.

„The therapy of Bioinformation opens new ways. It strengthens health and does not fight against illness. This is it’s secret.“ Viktor Philippi

A lot of people are looking for the journey towards health and therefore begin a long lasting odyssey through classic medicine, alternative methods and other therapy methods. More and more people who are looking for health, want a holistic treatment, which doesn’t only focus on the material, physical aspect of the illness.

The therapy of Bioinformation by Viktor Philippi looks at every human being as an entity of soul, mind and body and sees the energy field to be a part of the journey towards health. It unifies the aspects of soul and mind and connects the foundations of health with each other.

One guiding principle of the founder of the method is: „Health is an holistic process. When we learn to see a human being holistically, medicine will break through it’s boundaries.“

The aim of this healing method is health and inner harmony of a human being. In this holistic philosophy being healthy doesn’t only mean to be free from illness.

The personal and spiritual development of a human being is supported essentially. The method is based on the Christian principles of faith, love and hope to which Viktor Philippi added patience.

The method is not connected to a special belief or a religion and can be used by people from all denominations.

The main aspects of the therapy of Bioinformation by Viktor Philippi are the Bioenergetic Meditation, the Bioenergy/Bioinformation and the Healthy Thinking.

An important aspects of the therapy is the life coaching.

A lot of people are suffering from stress, fear and depression with increasing tendency. Reasons for that are high requirements at work and every-day life. One consequence is the development of burn-out syndroms. Others are suffering from illness, pain and addictions while others are hit by a blow of fate, making their lives harder or having a giant impact on their lives. This can be the loss of a job, the collapse of a relationship or problems in the family. The loss of a loved person and untreated grief can lead towards this state of mind as well. Usually it is difficult or seems impossible to find a way out this dead end, out of this hole in which one fell. One needs help and support.

The "blue room"

In my office and for me personally, the Philosophy of the Golden Pyramid by Viktor Philippi is a very good and highly effective method to handle and transform difficult situations and crises in life.

The Healthy Thinking is an essential part of this philosophy. It opens everyone a new view to help oneself. Thinking has an essential influence on human health. Thats why every human should take their time to think about themselves, their lives and their situation. The way someone thinks is the ways his or her body reacts. Positive thoughts support health and lust for life. Negative thoughts (injuries, disappointments, dissatisfactions) weaken every human, making him bitter and ill, lust for life vanishes. With the help of one’s thoughts and the process of rethinking towards Healthy Thinking, everyone has the possibility to demount energetic blockades.

In the three central fields of human life – family – health – job – essential improvements can be achieved. Furthermore the human develops in the aspects of soul and spirituality.

On this journey the human will become more relaxed and calmer, gaining a new view on a lot of aspects in life. Because of that he can handle illness and life situation in a better way, with increasing hope and confidence. Vigor and lust for life start to increase. This has a positive effect on the physical process of self-healing and supports the process of becoming healthy.

In eleven European countries (Germany, Italy/South-Tirol, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal) and in the USA, the Therapy of Bioinformation is practiced. The proof of it’s effectiveness is a central task of the Academy for Bioenergetic and Bioinformation. For several years it has been realizing and publishing studies which are controlled by doctors about different diseases.


Book recommendation

Gesund werden mit System - Die Bioinformationstherapie

Becoming healthy with a system- The therapy of Bioinformation. Author: Viktor Philippi

Viktor Philippi explains in his book the backgrounds behind his method. Field reports of affected people show exceptional insights.

„You can only transform a destructive system, which is causing illness, with the help of a new system. This method is as simple as phenomenal.“

Available in German language at