Nicole Michels

My personal experience is very important in my work. Thus I am able to empathize deeply with my patients.

1989 – 2000
Assistant of Management and Office Manager in international companies.

Non-Medical Practitioner and Bioenergetic Extrasens

Opening of my office for Theomedicine and Bioinformation by Viktor Philippi

Lecturer of the Academy for Bioenergetics and Bioinformation founded by Viktor Philippi

Lecturer of the Foundation Viktor Philippi Health



My journey started in Munich, where I was born in 1966. After my graduation from high-school and a four year long education as a European-Secretary, I worked as an assistant of management and office manager in international companies.

As a young woman I moved to Berlin because of personal reasons. Until today I still feel deeply connected to my Bavarian home and the mountains.

God, Religion and Spirituality have been central topics for me since my childhood. Since I am a child I have a special sensitivity and the ability to perceive energy fields of humans, animals and plants. In that time, I did not talk about my gift. Since my youth I could feel the wish to help other people with my hands.

Heavy physical diseases as an adult woman had a deep impact on my life. On my odyssey of finding cure and health I got to know a lot of doctors, clinics, therapists, healers and spiritual teachers. Some of them were able to help me to stay hopeful and become healthier for which I still am deeply thankful. My health improved, but it did not seem as if a cure would ever be possible.

This chapter of my life was connected with an intensive self-communion. Spiritual teachers supported my in this process.

In 2003 I got to know Viktor Philippi and the Biomeditation. I immediately had the feeling and certainty that I had finally found what I was looking for. The diseases, fears and depressions left me and I was able to feel new lust for life. My expectations were excelled and questions were answered, no one was able to answer before.

The biggest miracle of life is the birth, the second biggest miracle is the cure and the third biggest miracle is to heal, according to Viktor Philippi. In this spirit, the journey to him and his method, the Biomeditation, was my very own journey to a miracle – both of my hearts-desires became reality.

The diseases helped me to make the wish from my youth, to heal people with my hands, reality. I was able to follow and find my true profession in this life. After my non-medical practitioner exam, I began the education as a Bioenergetic Extrasens with Viktor Philippi. In 2005 I opened my own office for Theomedicine and Biomeditation. Since that point in time I have been able to help people with all kinds of physicals and mental diseases to become healthy. Viktor Philippi educated me as a lecturer of the Academy for Bioenergetics and Bioinformation. Since 2008 I have been giving seminars, since 2016 for the Foundation Viktor Philippi Health.

It is my hearts desire to support the people in my office and on my seminars on their personal journey with their individual questions and topics. My personal experiences with diseases and my medical knowledge influence this process.

If you want to know more about me and my journey, take a look at the articles „My journey to the miracle“ and „My profession“. Furthermore I am a part of this film, in which I and other people talk about their experiences. You can download the material here.


I am aware of my health every single day