"Bioenergy has no limits - it is the human being who sets limits to himself." (Viktor Philippi)

The word bioenergy is of greek origin: bios „ life“, enérgeia „power“.

Due to expertises of Bioenergetics, energy is the basis of all life processes. This energy is the Bioenergy. Bioenergy is the origin of all Life and the highest energy form in our universe.

It has no limits and is contained in everything, flows in each organism and penetrates even the smallest particles, atoms and molecules as well as water, air, stones and minerals.

Bioenergy contains Bioinformation, the positive information for creation, recovery and protection of life. The four elements – fire, water, air and earth – were created by Bioenergy.

Bioenergy is the fifth element and it is available for every human being and all forms of life. To me it is the power and love of God.