Nicole Michels

Nicole Michels

Bioenergetiker Extrasens (abbr. Biosens) is a certified title. Extrasens means „extended sensory perception“.

I was awarded this title in a certified training with Viktor Philippi.

The people who are Biosens came from different professions and methods: they are for instance doctors, non-medical practitioners, energy therapists, psychologists, teachers, nurses, lawyers, farmers, housewifes, etc.

As Biosens I am able to take up large quantities of Bioenergy and to pass it on to another person. Energetic blockades in the energy field are eliminated and the building of new blockades is prevented simultaneously. At the same time energetic deficits are balanced out. Each cell of a body which is affected by a blockade and illness, sends out signals. I perceive them with my hands.

A very important effect is also the protection and strengthening of the energy field of the patient.

In addition I energize water, food, ointments, pills etc. with the Bioenergy and clean flats, houses and places from negative energies.