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THEOMEDIZIN is helpful for all kinds of diseases and physical or psychological disorders.

It affects acute and chronic processes, as well as both slight and serious diseases.

This method is very effective for physical or mental disorders without any recognizable cause and in difficult life situations.

It integrates itself in all known and established healing methods of classical or alternative medicine and can be used parallely with all treatments.

Fields of Applications

Become healthy – Stay healthy

The possibilities of this method are almost endless and can be used from mental to physical states of exhaustion, chronic diseases, heavy pathologies and terminal care.

  • Prevention of diseases
  • Dissolution of stress- Relaxation
  • Treatment of acute diseases of every state
  • Treatment of all chronic diseases, even the ones being called incurable
  • Support in pregnancy

The method can be used against all diseases, for example:

  • Organic diseases
  • Rheumatism, Allergies, Autoimmune Disease, MCS etc.
  • Nervous Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Infections
  • Pain
  • Burnout
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrom (CFS)
  • ADHS- Back Injury- Fear
  • Depression, Panic Attacks, Restlessness, Sleep Disorders
  • Addiction, Anancasm
  • Health Disturbance without visible reason
  • Difficult life situations

To free oneself from a disease does not mean to be healthy. Only when you were able to find yourself, you are able to become healthy. When the soul is free from fear, the mind not influenced by insecurities and negative thoughts and the body free from blockades, we are able to truly recover. Furthermore I am able to influence water, food and salve with Bioenergy resulting in a better compatibility and a reduction of side effects.

Bioenergetic Cleaning of Flats, Houses, Offices etc.
There are different reasons why a flat, a house or an office can be affected by negative energy. Residents and workers can feel this energy and it affects their feelings and thoughts. Then the vibe is not good, one is unable to sleep or to work properly. In rooms with this energy, accidents and fights take place more often. It is also possible that unexplainable events occur. Even business people and whole companies can be affected by such a negative energy: deals do not work out, the working climate is fierce. In these cases a Bioenergetic Cleaning makes sense to get rid of these negative energetic influences.
Fee: starting from 150€ (depending on size and distance)