"Bioenergy has no limits - it is the human being who sets limits to himself." (Viktor Philippi)

The therapy is done on a therapy table. In the background a bionergetic meditation CD is playing. I act as a channel for Bioenergy and put my hands on different parts of the body, thus transmitting the Bioenergy in a systematic way into it. I feel the energy flow in the energy field of the patient and perceive, resolve and balance out energetic blockades or deficits. A conversation is not a a part of the treatment and only important sometimes and occasionally. I will try to answer your questions and explain to you how you can support your very own process of healing and self-development. Longer conversations can be booked besides.


First Appointment: 100 €
conversations before & after treatment: 30 min., treatment: 60 min.

Next Appointment: 50 €

A treatment on the therapy table takes 60 minutes an does usually not include conversation. If conversation is required or necessary an appointment has to be made therefore.
30 minutes: 40 €
50 minutes 90 €.

Intensive Bioenergetic Cure

For patients with chronic, heavy and acute diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, slipped disc, heavy depression, addictions and for patients coming from far away I recommend an Intensive Bioenergetic Cure, containing of three treatments on three consecutive days. (3 sessions per day)

Fee: 420€

Treatment over Distance

A Treatment over Distance takes 60 minutes and can be done wherever the patient has a possibility to lay down. The patient lays down at an agreed time and prepares for the reception of Bioenergy being mentally send by me from my office to you, your body, your mind and your soul.

I offer free Treatments over Distance for patients who are in constant treatment in my office.

For patients who are unable to come to my office and who are in need of constant Treatments over Distance I am able to agree on a fair fee.

Home Visit
If a patient is not transportable, I offer home visits.

Bioenergetic Cleaning of Flats, Houses, Offices etc.
There are different reasons why a flat, a house or an office can be affected by negative energy. Residents and workers can feel this energy and it affects their feelings and thoughts. Then the vibe is not good, one is unable to sleep or to work properly or gets ill. In rooms with this energy, accidents and fights take place more often. It is also possible that unexplainable events occur. Even business people and whole companies can be affected by such a negative energy: deals do not work out, the working climate is fierce. In these cases a Bioenergetic Cleaning makes sense to get rid of these negative energetic influences.

Fee: starting from 150 € (depending on size and distance)

In my office I participate in scientific studies controled by medicines of the organization for Biosens with voluntary patients. (EBB e.V.) A lot of cases are already documented. The aim is to show the possibilities of the highly effective Bioenergetic Meditation.