Energiefeld vor und nach einer Biomeditation (GDV-Kamera)

Becoming Healthy – Staying Healthy
The main aspects of the Therapy of Bioinformation by Viktor Philippi are the Bioenergetic Meditation, the Bioenergy/Bioinformation and the Healthy Thinking as well as Bioenergetic Products. The effectiveness of this method is based on the approach that the cause for illness can be found on the energetic-informative level as energetic blockades, encumbering the flow of information. Every human consists of soul, mind and body. An unhindered flow of energy in the energy field of a human (Aura) is the requirement for health and inner harmony.

With the help of computers, the energy field can be displayed and analyzed. On the image you can see the energy field of a human before and after the Bioenergetic Meditation by Viktor Philippi.

Seven energy centers (Chakras) supply the body over energy rails (Meridians) with Bioenergy.
All information (Bioinformation) flow through this energy net, which is essential for survival for every human being. The Bioenergy flows through us in constant movement. When we feel joy, fortune or heat it flows different than it does when we feel, fear, grief or illness. When Bioenergy flows without interruptions, a human feels comfortable and healthy. The functions of the body are also controled by this invisible net of information, through which all information flow which are essential for survival. This is how information comes to the organs.

Missing or wrong information lead to wring communication and essential information does not find it’s way to it’s destination. A little system error can cause function errors of all kinds. Heavy diseases can develop in the body, leading to exhaustion, burn-out and depression.

Feelings and thoughts are information as well, which are flowing through our energy-field and our body cells and influencing them. To restore health it is necessary to not only work on the physical, material level, but furthermore dissolve energetic blockades with defective information causing illness. The dimension of soul and spirituality are essential foundations in this process and stand in the foreground. Every information saved on the soul has a crucial influence on the spiritual level (mind) and the physical level (body) of a human. Platon already knew that the cause for illness can be found on the level of the soul: „If you want to heal the body, you have to heal the soul first.“

The Bioenergetic Meditation is a main aspect of the Therapy of Bioinformation. Bioenergy with Bioinformation is transmitted. Because of that, fear, tension, stress and injuries on the level of soul are dissolved. Even patterns of thoughts and negative information on the level of the mind, causing illness and which were created by wrong patterns of thoughts and liability of the soul, are dissolved. On the physical level of the body, the Bioenergy works on a molecular level and frees from blockades. The body’s own self-healing powers and foundations of health: nervous system, immune defense and metabolism are freed from wrong information and supported in a natural way.

When it comes to errors in the flow of information and communication, little malfunctions can occur, out of which illness can develop. The reason is: without information, there is no function in the body. Wrong information leads to wrong function (= illness). These errors are called energetic blockades, they contain negative and ill information. With the help of Bioenergy these programs start to work properly again: the nervous system regenerates, metabolism works better, detox starts to work, inflammations leave the body and immune defense works again. The body is able to get rid of illness to become healthy again.

This healing method that is used by me works where the disturbance starts: on the energetic level. Wrong information, causing illness on the levels of soul, mind and body are dissolved by Bioenergy and Bioinformation. The added Bioenergy works on the physical level on a molecular level and flows through every cell and dissolves energetic blockades. At the same time the formation of new energetic blockades is prevented. It flows through the whole meridian system of the body, through all organs, body parts, gauze and bones. This is how the flow of information is restored and the body’s immune system (=metabolism, nervous system, immune system) are activated and strengthened in a natural way.

The Bioenergetic Healing is started and illness is dissolved, the human can become healthy again.

On the level of soul, the patient is freed from fear, injuries, pain, illness and wrong patterns of thoughts and behavior.

The Healthy thinking is a main aspect of the Therapy of Bioinformation. Thoughts are powerful information, influencing the well-being of humans. Thinking has an essential influence on the state of health of humans. It is a basic foundation for our health and very important to gain inner peace and harmony. There is a reason why there is the saying: „The way you think is the way you live.“

With negative thoughts one can make life harder and even become ill. To become and stay healthy it is important to gain awareness of one’s own patterns of thoughts and change them. With the help of „Positive Thinking“ everyone can make their lives easier and healthier. It’s foundations are gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance.

The Healthy Thinking is essentially supported with the help of this method. The Bioenergetic Meditation by Viktor Philippi (Short: Biomeditation) supports this process: soul, mind and body are strengthened and energetic blockades, that were created by negative patterns of thoughts are dissolved. Often the patient gains the awareness of negative patterns of thoughts while Biomeditation. New aspects of life are visible. A lot of questions answer themselves: Pictures, dreams and visions can be noticed. Also new knowledge to solve a certain problem can be gained. The understanding of humans and our environment is absorbed. When we send out more positive, positive will come back to us.

In that way, the human will become more relaxed and calmer, gaining a new view on a lot of aspects of life. Because of that one is able to handle illness and gains new hope an confidence. Vigor and lust for life gain new strength. this has a positive effect on the body’s own self-healing powers and supports the process of becoming healthy again.

You can find additional information on the effectiveness of this method under www.biomez.de and www.theomedizin.de.