Healthy Thinking - Biomeditation - Philosophy of the Golden Pyramid

In general it is important to be patient and to give oneself the needed time for healing, recovery and personal development, so that soul, mind and body are able to free themselves and recover, resulting in harmony and peace. This is especially important when the patient is already affected by a disease.

A disease and a crisis is a very personal experience for every human being. It shows borders but it always is a new chance as well. New doors open and new ways are visible.
For the dissolution of blockades it is not necessary to know the cause. The inner will to let these problems go instead of constantly keeping them in your thoughts is a very important aspect. That’s how you open yourself to deeper understanding.
With the help of special CDs, containing a very strong energetic effect, the process of healing can be supported from home and patients are able to to motivate themselves for more health and inner harmony.

Bioenergetic Meditation-CDs help to dissolve energetic blockades. They are used in the process of treatment with a Bioenergetic Extrasens and in meditation at home. There are thee different options of Meditation-CDs:

13 Angels of Atlantis2 to strengthen the soul, “Eternity” for a clear mind and “Sounds of the Universe” for the dissolution of physical blockades.

Bioenergetic Motivation-CDs give you the chance to gain new and deeper knowledge on Healthy Thinking, the backgrounds of Biomeditation and the connection between fear and disease. As a result you are able to strengthen your self-healing powers and your health.
With the personal Healthy Thinking a person can elementary support the effects. To become healthy and to stay healthy it is important to change the patterns of thoughts. The foundation therefore are gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance. When you learn and realize the Healthy Thinking, blockades begin to dissolve and new blockades are not able to develop.

For further information on the Healthy Thinking, an elementary part of the Philosophy of the Golden Pyramid, visit: or take a look in the book „Becoming Healthy with a System – The Therapy of Bioinformation“ published by Viktor Philippi.

Further Bioenergetic Helpers
Energetic Circles being put on the body activate the different energetic centers of a person.
Energetic Patches and Tattoos can be put on affected body parts to support the process of healing. They dash negative energy (blockades) out of the body.
Bioenergetic Spirals for Walls mesh the energy in living, sleeping and working rooms, improve a room’s atmosphere and influence the radiation of water veins, earth rays and electromagnetic fields. Furthermore it helps against the energetic pollution of mobile radio towers, transmission lines and other negative waves.
Bioenergetic Stickers against Electromagnetic Pollution cancel the energetic pollution caused by smartphones, electric devices and lines.

The Bioenergetic Products by Viktor Philippi are available at and partly in my office. The impact and effects of these products were proven with the help of a GDV-Camera.
In the chapter „Theomedizin – Bioenergetic Healing“ you will find a download document with detailed information about it.

It is my translation of Viktor Philippi’s information brochure.