Viktor Philippi

Viktor Philippi

With his inherent gift of clairvoyance and the possibility to heal, Viktor Philippi developed this method. He was born in 1952 in Kazakhstan as a son of a German family and moved to Germany in 1992 with his wife and his sons. In 1994 he gave his method the name „Bioenergetic Meditation“ and „Bioenergetic Healing by Viktor Philippi“. In 1996 he founded the „Academy for Bioenergy and Bioinformation“ and startet to educated people to „Bioenergetic Extrasens“ (short: Biosens). In 2005 he formed the term „Theomedicine“, the art of healing soul, mind and body. Since 2007 he annually hosts the Congress of Theomedicine. His heart’s desire is to build a bridge between academic medicine, science and Bioenergetic Healing. Viktor Philippi wrote several books on the topic of health: „The one who heals is right“, „Becoming Healthy with a System“, „The Book of Love“ (for children and adults). In 2014 he founded the „Foundation Viktor Philippi Health“. Viktor Philippi is connected and working with doctors, non-medical practitioners, healers and scientists all over the globe.

Book Recommendation

Becoming Healthy with a System – Therapy of Bioinformation

In his book, Viktor Philippi clearly explains the backgrounds behind his method. Reports of affected patients show deep insights. „A destructive system causing illness and disease can only be disestablished with a different system. This method is as simple as phenomenal.“
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