„As long as the soul suffers, the body can never become healthy. Theomedizin regards humans as entity: It is the new medicine for soul, mind and body." (Viktor Philippi)

THEOMEDIZIN is the new healing medicine for soul, mind and body.

It unifys aspects of medicine (Latin: medicine for the body), theology (Greek: device of God) and science. The main target of this wholistic method is to build up health and restore inner harmony.


BIOENERGETIC MEDITATION is the heart of Theomedizin.

Theomedicine is based on the belief that thoughts have a giant impact on human’s health. Because of that everyone should take their time to think about themselves, their lives and their possibilities. In this process, Bioenergetic Meditation by Viktor Phillippi (Biomeditation) can be a big support. In the one hour long Meditation, soul, mind and body are strengthened and energetic blockades caused by negative thoughts are dissolved. Defensive forces are decisively activated and the patients gains new strength to dissolve stress. While Biomeditation, the patient often understands his or her negative patterns of thoughts and gains the awareness to change them.

Healthy Thinking is very important for inner peace and harmony and the most important foundation for our health.

The body’s defences (= metabolism, nervous systems and immune system) are decisively activated and strenghtened by this method in a natural way. Energetic blockades that caused diseases are dissolved. The personal and spiritual development is essentially supported .

This method cannot be compared with spiritual healing, Reiki and similar methods or with classical meditation types, since it differs from them basically.

Theomedizin is not related to a religion or religious denomination.

It is based on the most important fundamentals of healing, namely faith, love and hope, used by Jesus Christ as the basis for healing. As a fourth fundamental Viktor Philippi has added patience.

Bioenergy is available for everybody.

You will find further information at and There you can find and download  the brochure “bioenergetic meditation by Viktor Philippi” available in English and other languages.