"Bioenergy has no limits - it is the human being who sets limits to himself." (Viktor Philippi)

Out of my experience, the treatment is generally described as pleasant, relaxing and facilitative.There are no side effects that could be compared to a classical medical treatment.

The Bioenergy has a deep, direct and powerful effect on soul, mind and body. While the Bioenergy dissolves energetic blockades, different reactions can occur immediately and in the following days. These reactions can take place on all three levels of body, mind and soul.

For example:- Feelings of Heat and Cold- Prickling- Feeling of Heaviness- Feeling of Flotation- Pressure- Extraction- Sweating

These reactions can be pleasant and displeasing. The reason for these reactions is the strong activation of Immune Defense with which soul, mind and body are able to free themselves from blockades and start to recover.The intensity of reactions depends on the form and power of a blockade and on how long it has already been affecting the patient. Usually reactions dissolve when a patient accepts them in a positive way. After that deep relief and relaxation can be felt.


You will find further information at www.theomedizin.de and www.biomez.de. There are downloads of the brochure “bioenergetic meditation by Viktor Philippi” available in English and other languages.