Professional Association for Biosens RA

The European Organisation of Biosens was founded in 1997.
It does not follow economic interests, is independent and acknowledged as non-profit-making. Over 1.500 members in eleven European Countries and in the United States offer Biomeditation to support a human’s health. The therapy has been used by doctors and non-medical practitioners for years. Together with the Academy of Bioenergy and Bioinformation members support scientific studies to prove the endless possibilities of Biomeditation. With additional scientific projects members of the organization accompany participants on the International Congress of Theomedicine. You can find short information films on the congress with interviews of participants and doctors on, channel: Philippi Gesundheit.

The members of the organization present their work regularly on fairs, in adult education centers and on governmental health days. Different concepts to reduce stress of children and students, presentations and self organized health days with Bioenergetic topics conclude our public offer.

It is our aim to support people in the process of restoring and keeping health.

Furthermore the Association supports social and humanitarian projects. For further information on this and on the Association visit

You will find further information at and There are downloads of the brochure “bioenergetic meditation by Viktor Philippi” available in English and other languages.